Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 9

This week has definitly been a little difficult, but it´s crazy because I´m still the happiest I´ve ever been :)
Every day is basically the same, not much of a difference. But time is flying and I can´t really catch up! I guess that´s a good thing! We finally moved into our new apartment!!! But the downer is that we got cheated out of hot water and gas … again. haha love that! We’re hoping it´ll get fixed this week! This Sunday we had 36 people in our ward!!! WAHOOOOOOO but we also found out some statistics that only 1percent of the members in Justo Daract are active. So as of right now all of our efforts are for those less active members! There´s a whole group of about 10 little kids from ages 8-14 that I just adore! They see us all the time in the streets and give us big hugs! They draw us pictures and play soccer with us. We invited them all to come to church and they did! One of the little girls, Nicole who is 11 years old, asked me for a Book of Mormon after church. She then asked me when she could be baptized. I almost fell over. I was so happy I just hugged her and cried! She probably thought I was a little crazy but it´s not everyday that someone asks that kind of a question. 
Oh and this week I did laundry for the first time in 2 weeks and it was the most disgusting thing. The water afterwards was BLACK. and I mean BLACK. My companion and I were on the ground laughing. I don´t know why we thought it was so funny but it was so disgusting it was funny. 

This week was not the best. 2 of our investigators with baptismal dates are second guessing their dates and if they want to be baptized at all. They both love the gospel but Satan has this hold on them and I´m just praying that they can see the light of Christ in their lives!! 
One of our investigators, Juan, has been having a bit of trouble as well with his baptismal date. When we teach him I honestly get a little scared. He´s like a Bible Encyclopedia.  He´ll just recite Bible verses and then a Book of Mormon verse with it like it´s no big deal. I think my investigator knows the BOM better than I do! But this week he shared something with me that really touched me. The first week I was here it was General Conference and then the next sunday in our ward was fast and testimony meeting. In my broken Spanish, I took the opportunity to introduce myself and bare my testimony. Juan said that was the first time the Spirit had hit him so hard that he cried. He said it was an experience he would never forget. Then the next week we had a lesson with him where I wasn´t understanding much and I was struggling to follow the lesson. At the end of the lesson he asked me, not the member present, not my companion, me what chapter in the BOM he should read. Saying a little prayer I said to read 1 Nephi 8,  Lehi´s dream of the tree of life, and while he was reading, ask how he can hold onto the rod in his life. That chapter had answered Juan’s prayer and  was exactly what he needed. It´s crazy how even with the little spanish I know, if you rely on the spirit, you can still touch those around you! 

So this week, because we moved into our new apartment, we had to go pay a guy for the down payment for the rent. We we´re in the apartment studying and my companion said oh we have to go right now to pay! We don´t need anything we´ll just take a taxi, walk in the door of the building, pay, and take a taxi back. So I didn´t think of it and just walked out the door. As we´re walking around downtown I realized I was wearing flip flops!!!! Oh my gosh my feet are the grossest thing on the planet! I am dead serious. The looks I was getting were hilarious! Wow. ya. not my best moment. I tried to justify it that Jesus wore flip flop like shoes. haha

I don´t have a specific scripture this week. But I did finish the BOM this week. That book is absolutly amazing!!!! If you think about it, for hundreds and hundreds of years prophets wrote their testimonies and the history of their people. Countless times the plates could´ve been stolen or destroyed. People gave their lives for those records. All because we have a loving Heavenly Father that wanted to help us today. To give us guidance, to give us a map in this crazy, always changing world. We really are a choosen people. If you haven´t read the BOM all the way through, please oh PLEASE do so!!! Start with the testimonies and the introduction and read it till the very last amen. And read it with a prayer in your heart. I promise it´s the best thing in the whole world! Reading the BOM as a missionary is a little different. As I read I´m not looking for comfort for myself, I´m looking and searching for scriptures to help and uplift my investigators! The BOM is a miracle and I am so thankful every day that I have the oppurtunity to talk about it all day every day! Wow. How lucky are all of us that have the chance to even read it! Honestly, no words in the spanish or english language, can describe my love for the Book of Mormon. It really is the word of God. The teachings of Jesus Christ. 
¨Be a witness of the gospel and of the Book of Mormon¨ -Elder Stevenson

les quiero mucho!! thank you for all the prayers :)
hermana smoot
 The water after I had washed my clothes!
 This is nicole! The little girl that asked be when she could be baptized :) what a cutie!
 these are some of my favorite little chichos :)
our new apartment is the 2 windows on the top floor :)

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