Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 4

Days are literally flying by! I feel like yesterday I was giving my farewell talk and I blinked and now I'm 12 days away for  leaving to Argentina! Crazy stuff. crazy. We even get our travel plans on friday :) wahooooooooo It's crazy because the days themselves go by super slow but the weeks go by super fast. Last night a member of our Branch presidency told me something that I think is gonna become my new motto
I love that! Everyone talks about how fast the mission goes and the only way to get the most out of it is to really "work it to death".

This week people have been coming and going. And as Hermana Holmes would say "they're dropping like flies" Last wednesday we had a sister in our zone go home because she has to get surgery. That same day we had an Elder dislocate his finger and go to the hospital, Hermana Mann has a cyst in her wrist, an Elder in my district, Elder Richey, is on crutches because he sprained his ankle playing basketball, and we're all getting fat because the food here is terrible and all you can eat.  
A friend from high school, Sister Jackie Smith got here this week and is going to Guam! She's leaving the same day I am!
And sadly today Hermana Eyring had to go home because of more health issues. :( My prayers are with her and her family! 
So in our zone we have 3 districts. Mine and 2 others. The other 2 districts both got here on the same day. So they're all leaving us on Tuesday and then we'll be all alone :( I love my zone and I'm so sad to see them all leave but they're all gonna be amazing missionaries!! 

always progressing. slowly but surely I'm gettin there. Gotta be diligent and hard working to get stuff done. I'm no where near fluent and I'm honestly so scared to have to leave here in 12 days cause I can't have a normal conversation with people in spanish! It's gonna require lots of prayers and probably a lot more fasting. But I actually had a really cool experience with my spanish this week! I've been praying more than I ever have in my whole life since I've been out here and they're a lot most sincere too. And of course since I'm learning a language the biggest thing I pray for is the gift of tongues and to be able to understand. In a lesson we had this week with one of our "investigators" i understood EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. How?? In the middle of the lesson I just started crying. I was so excited that I could understand and then I could answer the questions she had accordingly. I know I say this every week but the gift of tongues is real. Without a doubt. There is no way a bunch of teenagers could learn a language in 6-9 weeks without it. The Lord prophesied that every man will hear the gospel in his native tongue, and this is his way of fulfilling that prophesy and I am so blessed to be just a little part of that! D&C 90:11

In our class this week we've really been concentrating on the fundamentals. Making sure we're teaching the doctrine of Christ and stuff that you don't really need to know before a baptism. Making sure we have a Christ like love for our investigators, that we're constantly serving, and doing our personal study so we are spiritually prepared we are able to truely connect with people. In our church there are so many people that get hung up on the questions and the wonders of the gospel and they lose sight of what makes this gospel so amazing. The fundamentals. The fact that God has a Plan for each and every one of us so that we can come back and live with him. That our older brother and Savior, Jesus Christ died and suffered for our sins in Gethsemane and on Calvery. And that through the atonement we are able to be clean and perfected through him as we repent and thoughtfully take the sacrament every week. The beauty of temple and the real blessings they are and the power we have of the priesthood to bind together families for time and all eternity. When people lose sight of these fundamentals, they lose sight of the true meaning of the gospel. 

So let me just clarify. I do not have real investigators. They are practice investigators that are hired by the MTC so we can practice teaching in our new language.
but the best lesson we had this week was the same lesson where I magically understood everything! It was with our investigator named Hely. She's in her 60's and is just the cutest old lady. As we've been talking about fundamentals this week my companion and I have tried to truely develop a Christ-like-love for each of our investigators! To really see them as their Heavenly Father sees them. During our lesson with Hely this week I saw her just as Christ would. I imagined her in temple clothes, and with a calling in the church and I just want to help her come unto Christ so bad! 
I think that's the goal. To see people without all the worldly stuff distracting us! To see and love everyone as our Heavenly Father would. 

This week in my studies I read in 3 Nephi 10-11. Chapter 10 is right before Christ comes to the people in America and in ch 11 it is when Christ comes. They're my new favorite chapters! When you wanna talk fundamentals, read these chapters. and all of 3 Nephi! So in chapter 10 all of the people that have survived all of the disasters are sitting in darkness crying and confused. The voice of the Lord comes out of the darkness and says "How oft have I gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings"  My mom and my grandma both have paintings of a hen gathering her chicks just as depicted in this verse and I love it! Cause really when does Christ gather us together? not just General Conference, but really gather us all together, when he comes and testifies himself. While reading that I just started thinking of when that will happen again. Whether I am here on earth or in the concourses of angles that descend with him. That day will be amazing! Then if you continue in ch 11:3 it describes the Lords voice. absolutely amazing. Then thinking of that voice as he testifies of himself in v 10-11 "Behold, I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testifies shall come into the world."  "Behold I am the light and the life of the world; and I have drunk out of that bitter cup which the Father hath given me, and have glorified the Father in taking upon me the sins of the world in the which I have suffered the will of the Father in all things from the beginning." As Christ comes down the first thing he talks about is the Atonement, then in v23 he give the power to baptize. The first 2 things he talks about is exactly what missionary work is!!
Testifying of the atonement and baptizing people. Teaching repentance, baptizing converts. 

Thank you for all the love and the prayers :)
les quiero 
hermana smoot
This is my zone! 

This is the Davis County Crew :) Hermana Holmes (Clearfield) Me (WX) Elder Keller (Davis) Elder Quist (Layton)

This is Hermana Klopffer! She's a doll and I love her so much! 

Me, Hermana Eyring and all of our companions! I'm gonna miss her!

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