Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 10

Good heck this week was food food and more food! These people are the best cooks in the whole wide world and there is no way i´m not coming home fat. Sorry mom. Every day this week we´ve had meals with members or one of our investigators and it´s disrespectful if you don´t lick your plate clean. Literally. Spotless. After every meal I litterally feel like that one girl in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that blows up like a big blueberry.  Yep. That´s me. Someone send me some good work outs. haha I´m not kidding! It´s crazy because last week we were struggling for food because of issues with our apartment and the money so we didn´t eat much. So in a lot of our prayers we prayed for help with the money and the food and this week our prayers were definitly answered! God cares about the littlest things and it´s stinkin awesome!!!
On Saturday we had a Relief Socitey Activity were we litterally played games and ate food. We have the best members! all 7 of them haha We got some of our inactives to come and also one of our investigators! I was so happy! And the members were so welcoming they felt right at home :) Half of missionary work is the members and I´m so blessed to be working with the best of them! 

Oh my gosh. Who knew I could love these people so much!! It´s all the love of God!! 
First our investigator Juan! This guy is awesome!! He´s in sacrement meeting every week, reads his scriptures and prays every day. Lives the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chasity! Has no problems with anything we say and believes everything! But the problem is ..... his mother. I´m not kidding. This guy just turned 67 this week, has never had a girlfriend, lives on his own, and still looks for his mothers approval for every decision!! Oh my. His mother and sisters don´t want him to get baptized when he is clearly ready. Just a little frusterating. Juan even bore his testimony on Sunday and I balled like a baby!! It was the best day every! We´ve been praying every day for him and his family to understand the importance of it all! The commandments with God and the love we feel from him. 

This week we also contacted one of the persons we talked to on the street. His name is Jordan and he a wife and 2 kids, and is looking for a job. He´s been looking for a job for about 2 months. And at the end of the lesson when we prayed we asked if there was anything we could pray for for him and his family. Jordan asked us to pray that he would find a job, and if he finds a job that he´ll listen to us. We taught them the first lesson and they all felt pretty good about it. We´ve been praying like crazy for him! We went to go talk to him and see how he was doing on Friday and he said he had found a job!!!!! WOW! So we´re going back this week for a second lesson. Talk about tender mercies! 

There is a whole group of little kids that came to church with us last week that wanted to learn more and get baptized. So twice a week we basically have a little primary lesson with all of them. It´s the definition of teaching simply and teaching fast. They have the attention span of a squirrl. In the movie Over the Hedge there´s a squirrl named Hammy. Ya. My lessons are with 6-8 Hammy¨s. It´s the best honestly! haha I love it! 

So this week I had my first exchange. So I was with another Hermana, Hermana Garrido and we were teaching one of her investigators. After the lesson we were just talking and setting up an appointment time and her 3 yr old grandson swings open the back door and it makes this huge noise, so naturally we all look. And in his little Batman sweatshirt and diaper, he´s standing there flipping us off with both hands!!! That was the last thing I was expecting from a 3 year old!! Oh my after in the street Hna Garrido and I were dying! It was hands down the funniest thing of my life!
Also on the exchange on of the other investigators was trying to learn english so she asked me to say the closing prayer in English. FINALLY I get to use me real language. It was the weirdest feeling. For almost 3 months, 5-6 times a day I pray in spanish. I even try to say my personal prayers in spanish so I get used to it faster. It´s not that I forgot the English words it´s that I was so used to the Spanish words. So my prayer went a little like this. ¨Padre Celestial, oh no, Heavenly Father, Gracias por this wonderful dia y por Hna Gomez and her family. Por Favor help us to siempre recordar the expecion in our lives and the amor de Dios. En El nombre, no, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.¨ Wow. I never thought that would happen. 

1 Nephi 15:8 Have you inquired of the Lord? 
If you ever need help, if you ever need an answer, if you ever need more food, or a little help with ANYTHING inquire of the Lord. He is listening to absolutly every word and he wants to help us! When we Pray when we read the scriptures it is so much easier to feel the love of God in our lives and to recieve that guidance. 
¨Truth is found in simplicity¨ -Elder Waddell  

Les quiero mucho por todos!!!
gracias por todos la oracions y la amor
Hermana Smoot
 Relief society lunch. The best food and the best people!
This is Juan and us at his birthday party 

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