Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 7

I´m so sorry about my email last week! We were in a different area for the weekend for conference, and with all the traveling and shoopping we only emailed for a little bit.!

Going from the US to Argentina wasn{t really that bad, just long. When we got off the tracks at the Salt Lake Airport my suitcase brok. Wahooo so much fun haha we delt with it so we{re fine :) We went from Salt Lake to Atlanta Georgia to Buenos Aries. We drove to another airport and then got on another 3 hr plane ride to Mendoza. My are, Justo Daract, was then another 6 hours away on bus. It{s the farthest area form the mission home. We{re right on the Mendoza mission/Cordaba mission boarder.
   This week alone we{ve done a lot of traveling. Took a bus to an area an ahour away to watch conference for the weekend with our district, the drove back Monday. Then wne tback on tuesday for the distrcit meeting. Then again on wednesday for interviews with the president. The 2hrs away on fridays for a zone conference. Gotta love those buses! haha

First my mission president and wife. LOVE THEM! They are so sweet! and in my interview with him this week he was so comforting with all the struggles i was having! I am honestly so lucky! My companion, Hna. Gonzales is a cute little native from Peru with 10 months under her belt. She{s 26years old and a convert. She{s so loving and helps me a lot with my spanish. I{m really excited to be having a native because i need it for my spanish. But it also makes it very frusterating. We can{t communicate very well which makes planning lessons and our days really hard. I can understand a lot more spanish than i can speak.. Pero esta bien. cause that{s why we have the Lord. As long as we try our best, he{ll do the rest. DyC 58:26-28
   The other Hermanas here are awesome! Last weekend we stayed with the other hermanas in our district, Hna Avalos & Hna Henrie. Hna Henrie is from Virginia and i absolutly love her!!! We get along really well. We{re crossing our fingers that we get to be compaions haha:) One of the other hermanas i was traveling with said she followed me on instagram and then started discribing my life!! haha she{s from Buenos Aries! How funny is that?
   The people here are fantastice!! they give everything to the church! they mostly have dirst floors and roting teether and the clothes on their backs but they{re childern of God and i absolutly love all of them!! In our zone there{s an Elder that went to bountiful. his name is Elder Bleak!! he{s awesome!! we talked about home for a good 20 mins haha 

Wow. Argentina. It{s crazy that I´m actually here. During conference I was thinking that exactly 6 months ago I opened my call! It´s crazy but I am SO happy :) okay the food here is AMAZING! you can order 2 steaks for $5. ya you guys can keep you´re little ceasers pizza cause this stuff is fantastic! At home I was an avid Dr. Pepper fan, but ..... there is something mgaic in the Coke down here! We have Coke & Mate for every meal. (I think I´m turning into Aunt Heather) haha Mate. It´s like a teas drink, but not. Everyone down here drinks it! And I mean everyone. Everytime we walk into a house they give us mate & bread. The first time I had it, it tasted like dirst. Straight up dirt. Smells like it too. The more I have it the more I get used to it and like it. You just gotta know how to make it right!
   Now to what my mom really wants to know about, my apartment. It´s gross. not heating, no gas, no hot water. During rainstoms (which happens at least every other day) the water leaks through all our windows and door. Lots of bugs, and it smells weird. But it´s my gorss dirt, really small, weird smelling house and i like it :) Since it´s supposed to be an Elders apartment (usually sisters get nicer apartments) we are moving this wednesday haha
    I´ve gotten really good at killing bugs. I think I´m going to drop out of school and become an exterminator. 
   People here drive just like me and I love it!! haha
   We have a ward of 15 people. That{s including our investigator and us. There´s a lot of work to be done here haha. 
  In the middle of the day here everything shuts down from 1-4 in the afternoon and everyone goes home and sleeps and eats. It´s called la siesta. What the heck america? Why don´t we have that??

espanol ..... wow. Its hard and frusterating but it´s do-able. Everyday I see the Lord helping me remember words, say correct phrases and pronounce words correctly. When you give your all to the Lord, it{s amazing what he will do for you. Having a native compaion definitly helps! There´s been a lot of tears and sleepless nights with this language. But i´ve realized it´s really helping me. Before my mission I could talk for hours and hours about the gospel, but now in a language I don´t know very well, I´m forced to teach the most important docterine and teach it simply. It not only helps me but it helps our investigators. Someone told me that as long as you can pray and testify, you´re good. Alma 37:6-7

No one has been serving in this area for a good 2 transfers. So coming here was basically starting over. It{s been a lot of door knocking and street contacting. This past saturday all of our lessons fell through and no one let us in to teach. You´ll have days like that and then days where everything goes perfectly and your investigators are doing what theyre supposed to and it´s awesome! We have 3 investigators with baptismal dates and I´m so excited to see how that all turn out :) 

As a missionary and as a child of God I am the potters clay. I am being formed. Pushed, twisted, pulled and stretched in every direction. Being put into poitions in which I´m not comforable. But I know the potter see´s my potential. He knows what I can do. It´s hard and uncomfortable but the Potter knows what´s best. 
DyC 122:7-9

Thank you for all the prayers!! love you all 

les quiero mucho :)
hermana smoot

Kylie's first solo contact 

I'm loving my rain boots!

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