Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 12

Tomorrow I hit 3 months. What? How weird! I feel like I´ve been here forever but on the other hand I feel like I´ve been here for a day! Time is the weirdest concept. Especially in the mission!!
So the food here is awesome and for 6 solid weeks I haven´t eaten a single weird thing and everything has been way good. But last Monday we went and visited one of our less actives and she pulled out some meat with sauce that you put on bread and eat it. It was super good!! Herman Gonzales was trying to explain to me what it was but I couldn't understand. We ate the whole plate and I loved it. After we left I finally understood. I had just eaten the head of a baby pig. Brian, eyes, tongue and all. ya and I liked it. I realized that as long as you don´t tell me what it is i´ll eat it. I don´t know if that´s a good thing or not but ya. haha That was my fun food for the week!  
  So this week I had a training in Mendoza so we were there for 3 days this week. In the bus terminal Hermana Gonzales and I were just talking and patiently waiting for the bus and this 20 something guy comes and sits next to me with the biggest grin on his face. I was a little creeped out. Then I recognized that he was the guy that helped me get my bag out of the taxi when we arrived at the terminal. He just started rambling off in Spanish about how he´s had dreams where he marries a gringa and they live happily ever after! It took everything I had not to bust up laughing. Immediately Hermana Gonzales pretended that we got a call on our cell phone and that it was for me so I got up and left. hahahaha I was a little flattered but after that we were on the look out until the bus came haha. 
   Oh and on the bus ride to Mendoza the movie Avengers was playing and I just thought of my little cousin Samantha! Ah all my little cousins will be so big when I get back. To all of you little cousins, I love you and you should all go on mission because it´s the best! Draw me a picture or something :) haha
So since we didn´t have a lot of time in Justo Daract this week there´s not much that happened. We´ve had to drop a lot of people because they won´t follow through with invitations and such. So a lot of searching for new investigators. We were knocking doors and it was cold and raining and this woman invited us into her house. When I say crazy Catholic lady I´m not exaggerating. EVERY INCH of this ladies house was covered in Saints and pictures of Christ and the Pope. On her stove, on the sink, her dogs bed was lined with little dolls that were Saints. I´m pretty sure her toilet was decorated in Saints too! Oh my gosh it was nuts! And she was wearing a necklace with the Pope’s face on it! Wow, ya, She was interesting. She said she was born catholic and was gonna die catholic. Bueno. Good Luck telling that to God on Judgement Day. 
   I´ve mentioned a couple times in my emails this huge group of little kids that we always play with and come to church and stuff. And one of the girls, Nicole, asked when she could be baptized. This week we had our first real lesson with Nicole (11 years old) and her 2 sisters Abigal (11) and Cati (9). They are literally golden! Nicole has already prayed 3 times to know if the church is true and received an answer. They have 1 BOM for the 3 of them and they read it at least once a day! We basically just had 3 baptisms slap us in the face! I´m so excited for them!! Whenever I´m with them and all their little friends they have so much energy! It makes me feel like I´m with my little cousins or the Eyrings or Gilberts! haha I love it! 
  Our investigator family, Jordan y Mary, are really good! We taught the plan of salvation this week and it was really good! But on Saturday morning we went to go visit the family to invite them to church and Mary told us about how every weekend Jordan drinks a lot. When he drinks he´s a different person and she hates it. She´s thinking about divorce and it breaks my heart. Also this week one our of member families separated and I´m watching first hand these families just fall apart. I went home on Saturday and just cried. The gospel helps families in every way. I know that for a fact! When a family is built in the gospel they are stronger. And through the gospel we can live happily with our families for eternity! 
So this is basically just a story about karma. haha  Justo Daract is super small and we see all the same people usually. And there are other missionaries here but for the Jehovah Witnesses church. One day last week Hna Gonzales and I just wanted to know more about what was up with these other missionaries. So we talked to them. Just asked what they believed in, what a mission was for them and that was it. No bible bashing or religion fights, just plain curiosity. Then the next morning at 9:30 in the morning in pouring rain 2 JW missionaries showed up at our door hahahahaha they shared with us a scripture about having a perfect knowledge. We told them we were missionaries as well and shared with them a scripture in 2 Nephi 29 and they left. Then 3 days later another different pair of missionaries showed up at our door! Ah they know where we live and it stinks! haha but it´s totally karma! ugh curiosity! 
2 Nephi 25:17
My favorite part in this scripture is where it says ¨The lord will set his hand again a second time (How awesome is that.) I just finished the book of 2 Nephi and wow. We have one amazing Heavenly Father. Every time we mess up, every time some rejects the gospel, his hand is still extended to them, to help them. I love that! 
¨Reach out and take the Lords helping hand¨ -Elder Rasband
Oh and if you have time go and read the talk ¨We are doing a great work and cannot come down¨ by Elder Uchtdorf in the May 2009 preisthood session. I read that this week and absolutely loved it! 
​les quiero mucho
hermana smoot

 This is me and Hna Gonzales, Hna Holmes (my MTC companion) and her companion all together at the training! I was so excited to see Hna Holmes! I absolutely love that girl :)
This is Cati! The 9 year old that we started teaching this week! She is so spunky!  She said she wants to serve a mission in Utah with me.

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