Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nov. 21 : Half way done and the earth shook!

ya hands down the weirdest feeling. there`s a tradition with sister missionaries that once you hit 9 months you have to take a pregnant picture haha

To address the Argentina earthquakes. Yes we've been having a couple earthquakes lately. nothing to big and it`s not doing any damage just a little shaking. The biggest one was yesterday and we were walking in the street and all day it had been super cold and really windy. We heard the windows shake of the house we were walking by but didn`t really think it was anything. Then a guy ran outside and asked if we felt the earthquake and if we were okay. uh we were a little confused haha but we turned it into an opportunity to share the gospel ;) 
This past week we had another capilla abierta that went really well. :) But this week we`re getting ready for one in our chapel so it`s gonna be a really busy week. 
We also did some service this week painting the gates for one of our members! We made a huge stake for lunch because it was the day i hit 9 months! So much fun!!

We have this new investigator named Eliana and she`s awesome! her friend gave her a book of Mormon and just came home. She`s reading everything we assign for her and she says it all makes sense, it`s just hard to believe it. So we`re really trying to focus on the praying aspect.
This Christmas season the church has a program called ¨25 ways. 25 days¨ to help us spread the light of Christ to everyone for the 25 days leading up to Christmas! It`s one amazing program!!! I really hope you will all take this chance and us it! Everyday from the 1st of December to the 25th you have 1 thing of service to do everyday. please oh please do it!!!! I promise that it will make this Christmas more special!
sorry i didn`t write much this week. 
but i still love you all!
Hermana Smoot

Friday, November 18, 2016

November 14: Lots of Investigators

This week was so weird! We had a special training with our President of the mission about Christmas and the new video that will be coming our end of November! It is absolutely incredible! There´s a programs of ¨25 ways in 25 days¨ and it´s acts of service we get to do every day from the first of December to the 25 to help others feel more than just the light of Christmas, but the light of Christ. I WANT YOU ALL TO DO THIS PROGRAM!!! I promise it´ll bring a whole new ¨light¨ to your Christmas season :)
We had exchanges with our sister leaders which was way fun! I got to spend a whole day with Hna Rendon from Columbia. We started the mission together and it was so fun to see her again! She´s awesome! 

Saturday we had another Capilla Abierta and it was super successful! the members were helping out a ton and now we get to prepare for one in our chapel! So we´re working our butts off to visit a lot of the less actives and get invitations to everyone! 
The sister on the left is Hermana Gonzales who trained me - the sister on my right is who I am training now, Hermana Duran at our last Capilla Abierta

Yesterday was our wards Primary Program and I got the opportunity to accompany on the piano all the songs. I was so happy! 

We had 5 investigators come to church (which is huge) and our zone of 8 companion ships found 146 new investigators this week! I pretty sure we set a record in the mission! Lots and lots of work but it´s showing. We have 2 investigators that are brother and sister. 9 and 10 year old Santiago and Mercedes and they´re just the cutest things! They read their scriptures every night together and say their prayers and they came to church and he had on a cute little button up shirt and she had on a little skirt! ah it was adorable! 
We have another investigator Natalia and her attendance is so constant at church that her son was able to participate in the Primary Program this past Sunday! it was so cute and she was so proud of him. 

23 Therefore, blessed are they who will repent and hearken unto the voice of the Lord their God; for these are they that shall be saved.
 24 And may God grant, in his great fullness, that men might be brought unto repentance and good works, that they might be restored unto grace for grace, according to their works.
 25 And I would that all men might be saved. But we read that in the great and last day there are some who shall be cast out, yea, who shall be cast off from the presence of the Lord;
 26 Yea, who shall be consigned to a state of endless misery, fulfilling the words which say: They that have done good shall have everlasting life; and they that have done evil shall have everlasting damnation. And thus it is. Amen.

i love you all so so much! 
con todo mi amor y mas
Hermana Smoot
Kylie in front of the "Hill of Glory" outside Mendoza

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nov. 7: American Food Finally

 We found this restaurant that is owned by 2 guys from southern California and they sell food just like the states! They even have WING WEDNESDAY!!!!! WHAT????? We went as a whole zone (half of which are gringos) and went and had all you can eat wings! I guess you could say we were a pretty happy group of missionaries haha :)
Friday I was so so soooo sick! I literally didn´t leave my bed all day and I was throwing up for 24 hours. It was miserable. Saturday was a little better and we went to some appointments but we didn't knock doors or anything. Only left the apartment when we had to. But now I´m all fine!  

¨Mi hijita¨ is ¨my daughter¨ in Spanish! There´s this thing in the mission that when you train, the missionary you train is your ¨daughter¨. Because the mission is like a mini life. Pero si, i´m training!!! and it is so much fun!!! My hijita is from Peru and is a ball of fun! She is so ready to learn and is so excited! I love it! After every lesson, or talking to someone in the street she asks what she can do better and is always asking questions! Her name is Hna. Duran. I´m super excited to be working with her! Right now we don´t have much to do but knocking doors because we don´t have many investigators but it´s makes good time to get to know her :) haha 

In our ward I will be accompanying the primary program! We had a practise this week and it was so cute! ah i love little kids! and their cute little singing voices are just precious :) During the practise we were listening to one of the kids give his little part talk thing and one of the older boys sitting next to me hit himself in the face with a book!!! I was a little taken back and started laughing and asked him what he was doing and he said ¨What? I´m tired.¨haha and all the leaders just started laughing! oh my kids are so funny!

This week we passed by a less active that i had never met. When we got there she was the happiest person on the planet to see missionaries! literally! I have never even seen an active member that happy and that willing to let us into her house! She told us to sit down and she ran into the kitchen and brought me a glass of milk and Oreos and said ¨I lived in the states and i know you gringos love oreos and milk¨ ah I about died! then she introduced us to her 2 little kids and said She wanted them to be baptized. They already say their prayers (in the right way) morning and night and know basically about the gospel. I about fell out of my chair when this happened!
Our new investigator - (not really)

I got pooped on by a bird last Monday. ya kinda put a downer on my day haha
We had our stake conference and the 2nd counselor is in our ward and was sharing a personal experience about his 2 sons. The older son asked his little brother if he was going to go on a mission. The younger one said yes. Then the older asked again ¨Are you going because you want to?¨ and the younger one who´s 11 years old said ¨I´m going because i don´t want to be a rat¨ hahahaha 

or actually quote from conference haha
¨Don´t concentrate on the things that aren´t important¨ -Elder Bassett of the 7

Yo se que Cristo vive

le quiero muchisimo
Hermama Smoot