Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 12: Being His instruement

Kylie and her companion Hermana Marin

This week we had a miracle baptism!! To understand the story, you need to realize that in San Martin EVERYONE is family!!! literally!! some one's cousin who`s the brother in law of their life long friend. idk it get`s kinda confusing! But anyway. Our mission leader is the brother in law of our Branch President, and in this family about half are members and half are not. They have a little nephew named Benjamin that is 9 years old. He always comes to the church activities and loves the church! He comes and helps us clean the chapel on Saturdays and says his prayers every day and knows more than any of the other kids that are in the branch. But the trick is that this little boy isn't a member. For years he`s wanted to get baptized but his parents don`t give him permission. Last Sunday in ward council a comment was made about Benjamin and i was determined to baptize him this week. We went to their home that night with the branch president and his wife, ( the wife of the branch president, Hna Tapia, is sisters with the mom of Benjamin, Gisela) it turned out to be one amazing lesson!! at first Gisela didn`t want anything to do with us, she was super distracted and wasn`t paying attention at all. But we asked Benjamin why he wanted to be baptized and asked him to share his testimony. Gisleas eyes filled with tears and we were able to put the plans in concrete that Benjamin would be baptized on Saturday and that Gisela and her husband would also put the goal to be baptized. So the whole week we were running around like crazy trying to prepare for this baptism!!! It came to the day of his baptism and he showed up in a little suit!!! (that`s like unheard of! We have members that don`t even own suits!) He was just the happiest little boy! What a great testimony it is to know that everyone has their time and through the Holy Ghost their hearts can be softened.

I know that this gospel is true and that it really can change lives. Our Savior lives and loves us. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. God is listening to every prayer and every plea. APPLY  the gospel in your life!!! it`s the only way to true happiness! 

i love you all till the worlds end and more! 
have the bestest week!!!

lots of love
Hermana Smoot