Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oct. 24: A Stolen Phone's ripple affect

I`m still teaching piano lessons every week and it`s so much fun! It`s really helping us get to know the youth and the members in the ward! And it`s a fun way to use my talent :)
On Tuesday after a meeting we had with other missionaries we had TACO TUESDAY!! Some elders found this restaurant in our area that is owned and created by these 2 buddies from southern California and they came down to Argentina for an adventure! So they opened up this restaurant and they have wings, tacos and real burgers! It`s awesome and delicious! Hermana Brown and I are going again today :D haha 
This past Saturday we had another Capilla Abierta and this one was sooooo successful!!! We were giving tours non stop the whole night and even went 45 mins past the time we had planned for! The members were working like crazy (that`s a dream come true) and we were all so tired at the end, but it`s that good missionary tired, so it`s okay :)
Yesterday we received the transfer calls and I`m staying in Mendoza!!! wahooooooooo but even better I`M TRAINING!! ahhhhh that means I`m receiving someone who is brand new in the mission and I get to teach them everything I know haha I`m so nervous! It`s a huge responsibility but I`m super excited about it and I know the Lord will help me!

We`ve had a lot of people that haven`t been progressing lately so we`ve have to drop a ton of people! So this week our big focus was trying to find new people to teach. We came up with a survey and went walking around the busiest part of the city at the busiest hour and just talked to people. We asked them a couple of questions just to break the ice like ¨how many friends do you have on facebook?¨ or ¨what mode of transportation do you take most?¨ just different stuff to get them talking. Then we would ask 2 questions that we could really relate to the gospel like ¨what`s something that has helped you or your family get through hard times?¨ or ¨if you had 24hrs to live what would you do?¨ or even ¨have you heard of the Mormons? and if yes, what?¨ It was super fun to talk and get to know the people and then ask if they wanted to listen to a short message! and the people responded really well! 
Our recent convert Azul (that was baptized just about a week ago), was confirmed yesterday and it was so special! She is an amazing addition to the ward and is a pillar of light for her family! She`s already sharing the plan of salvation with her friends! people she`s 12!!!! 12!!!!!! 

So basically this is how yesterday went down. We went to church and we`re super excited to see everyone because it was possibly our last Sunday in this ward! We had the confirmation of Carina and Azul which was really special! Carina is the mom of Saulo, and Saulo is the dad of Azul. They attended sacrament meeting and Sunday school and everything was awesome, happy, and it was turning out to be a good Sunday. That`s when the chaos started .... Saulo walked into the young women's room, stole a cell phone that was sitting on the chair and walked out of the building and said he had to leave. The young women came chasing after us and said that he had stolen the phone. (and Saulo has a record of stealing so we didn`t doubt it for one second) So we ran out the door and found him and asked him 3 or 4 times if he had the phone and he said no and left. Then everyone found out and it became this huge deal and we had 2 wards involved and the stake president! They called the police that wouldn`t do anything and we called Saulo and asked him to come back to the church and he wouldn`t but Carina and Azul came back. Azul pulled us aside and told us that yes her dad did have it and was going to sell it for drugs and that her grandma (Carina) and her dad were lying. The stake president then went to their house to get the phone and talk with Saulo and he still denied that he had it. The worst part about it all is that the young women that got her phone stolen is the only member in her family and her parents are mad at her they tell her she can`t go to church or mutual. So ya. that was my Sunday. How was yours? haha

¨When you look to the book, you look to the Lord¨ -Elder Stevenson
I LOVE THIS QUOTE from conference!!! because it`s 100% true! Really when we look and read and apply anything from the Book of Mormon it`s what the Lord wants because it`s the Lords teachings. Read the Book. Pray about the Book. Apply the Book.  ( ya put that on a book mark haha) 

with lots and lots of love!
Hermana Smoot :)

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