Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oct 10: Bringing souls to Christ! ( sometimes by crazy singing)

Bringing people unto Christ is the best feeling :)
We baptized Carina and Azul (grandma and granddaughter) and they we´re so happy! Originally we we´re going to baptize Saulo (the son of Carina but the dad of Azul), but after he passed his baptismal interview he had a little freak out
and went and bought $3000 worth of drugs and didn´t show up the the baptism ....... so maybe it´s best he didn´t get baptized ha ha. We had one of the young men baptize the granddaughter Azul (who's 13 years old) and it was so funny! They had to baptize her 3 times! The first time her foot popped up out of the water, and then she just dunked herself without saying the ordnance and then they finally did it right! It was so funny. We were all kinda giggling, but afterward she came back into the bathroom and started crying. She said she couldn´t even describe how she felt! And then when Carina came back she just said,¨I feel like crying, but I´m not sad." Carina´s father was a member of the church and just about a month and a half ago he was killed in the street by a gang. The last conversation she had with him was  about the church and how he wanted to go to church with the whole family. And Yesterday she fulfilled her father's desire and became a member of the church! She was so happy!!

Imagine 2 gringas running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to organize a baptism - ya- that was my week. ha ha It was crazy!

We had some amazing experiences this week. First we´re teaching a part member family right now. The mom is a member but she has 4 kids (3 are of baptism age) that aren´t members. The oldest is Tamera and she´s 16. When we first met them she told us how she always loved to be in the dark and watch horror movies and just loved all things dark. With time she told us she hadn´t watched a scary movie in a week, and her mom said that was really weird, and that she was spending much more time with the family. We asked her how her reading and praying was going and she´s gotten through the first 3 books of the Book of Mormon and prays every night and has gotten her answer that it´s true. But she´s very timid about it. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and it really hit her. 3 years ago her dad passed away and it really affected her. As we talked about the resurrection she just began to cry, but cry uncontrollably. We had her say the closing pray and it was the most beautiful prayer I´ve ever heard! 

Our other experience was with a little 11 year old named Lautaro (who reminds me exactly! of Lockwood!! His laugh and everything ) His mom Yamile is a less active. When we went to go teach them we played a little soccer in their front yard for a little bit and then went inside for the lesson. As I finished offering the opening prayer Lautaro had tears in his eyes. We asked him why he was crying and he said that he had seen a big white thing that he couldn´t describe on the other end of the table. We then asked him if he had prayed and gotten his answer if the church was true, he then just closed his eyes and was silent for a little bit. When he opened his eyes there were tears running down his cheeks and he said, yes, I know this church is true. 

How amazing is that?? God really does choose his children that are ready for the gospel and puts them in our path. What a privilege!

Every time you prepare for a baptism you have to go clean the baptismal font to make sure it´s all pretty and clean. So when Hna Brown and I went and we´re cleaning we brought my speaker and were singing to church music as we cleaned. And we didin´t think anyone was in the church so we were singing bien alto. Not to loud, but loud enough you could hear it in the hallways. Give it like 20 mins and some of our youth walk in videotaping us hahahaha and they were with some of their non-member friends!! ha ha But they said we looked like were a fun time and  they want to have an activity with us with their non-member friends. Like a giant Family home evening. ahaha I guess being weird works ;)   These girls that we are with in this picture are all girls that are preparing to go on missions or have a mission call in hand!

This is just and underground supermarket that we went to this week!  Kind of different !

D&C 45:28-29
And when the times of the Gentiles is come in, a light shall break forth among them that sit in darkness, and it shall be the fullness of my gospel. But they receive it not; for they perceive not the light, and they turn their hearts from me because of the precepts of men

How sad is it when the light of God is right in front of their face and they deny it anyway. That is the power of Satan. Always look and recognize the power and hand of God in your life. If you do this, you´ll never fall away. 

les queiro mucho :)
Hermana Smoot

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