Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week 19:  Does the Plan of Salvation apply to cats?

So this week we had to go to Mendoza becuase as of right now I´m illegal. haha So we had to go and do paper work and stuff but we made it fun! We ate McDonalds and it was so weird! I haven´t seen a fast food place in almost 5 months, and good heck, it´s worse than I remember! We got back and Hna Sanchez woke up Saturday with a fever, so I cleaned the apartment and did some extra excercises and wow, it felt so good to actually sweat! Monday night we had a family home evening with one of our less active families and we made homemade empanades!! ahhhhh I promise it´s the food of the gods! So good! and I absolutly love that family! They´re awesome :) 
Making empanadas!
 This is 2 of the kids in the family for our Family Home evening. The little boy, ¨Gringo¨, everyone says he´s my brother! haha And I fully accept that becuase he reminds me a TON of Lockwood!

We didn´t have much time to work this week :( but with our little time we still found a new investigator! Her name is Sandra and she has a heart defect and only has about 10 years max to live. Her perspective on the whole situation is incredible! She said she´s not afraid to die, she knows that God will help her complete her purpose here before she returns to him. The only thing that scares her is what happens to her 8 year old son when she dies. She is one amazing women :) I´m really excited to teach her!
Brenda (another less active) turned 14 on monday!

So we were in the house of this one man, just getting to know him, and figure out how we could help him. He said his wife had died a couple years ago, so we started to talk about the Plan of Salvation and how he could live with her again for eternity. He responded with ¨I don´t really want to live with her for forever. I really love my cat. Is it possible for me to live with my cat forever?¨ haha I couldn´t tell if he was serious or not!! But oh yes -  He was dead serious!

Because we went to Mendoza this week and on Saturday Hna Sanchez was sick, I´ve had a lot of time to study.
2 Nephi 4:15-35
We all pass thorugh things in our life. Good and bad. Happy and gut wrenching. Experiences that make us jump for joy and experiences that make us cry for days. But every single experience, every trial, every challenge, every story, is for our benefit. We learn things every day whether we recognize it or not. Through our experiences we become better people. None of us are perfect and sometimes in these trials and tribulations we fall short of the mark. We make mistakes. We sin. But this is the beauty of the Atonement. (Alma 34:8-16) We will never be able to fully understand the Atonement or the purpose behind it. The love our Heavenly Father has for us, to give his Only Begotten Son, to suffer for EVERY sin. EVERY bad feeling. EVERY pain, physically, mentally emotionally. Of EVERY person that has lived, is living, and will live (not only on this earth). Without this act, this eternal and infinite act of love, what would we work for?   Without the Atonement we don´t have the Plan of Salvation, we can´t repent and become clean of our sins, we wouldn´t be able to really feel eternally happy. The Book of Mormon is key to our religion, but the Atonement of Jesus Christ is our rock.(Helamen 5:12) If we build our foundation on this rock. The rock of our Savior, we will return to him. 

les quiero mucho para todos!!!
hermana smoot

All of my little chicos :)

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