Thursday, July 7, 2016

Week 15 Can you baptize your pregnant unmarried investigator?

So last week on P-day we had a family home evening with one of our less actives and her kids. Andrea. And we made home made scones and the kids taught us how to dance and it was the funnest thing! We also played soccer with a group of 8 boys and I still can`t get over how good these kids are! They keep me updated on the American Cup (it`s a soccer tournament going on right now). These kids eat sleep and breath soccer. In our lessons we have to relate the gospel to soccer to get them to pay attention! 
  This week we had our second exchanges but this time our sister training leaders came to Justo Daract!! It was so much fun cause we never have visitors!!! Literally NEVER! It was so much fun though :) We also had a zone conference (which includes the president of the mission) and our Stake Conference. So we we`re in San Luis (2 1/2 hours away) on Friday and on Sunday so it took a lot of time out of our week. But we learned a lot so it was worth it :) Our stake is as big as my ward. Literally. It`s so weird because for our stake conferences it`s in that huge building that seats like a million people, but for our stake conference here in Argentina, it`s in a chapel the same size as my chapel at home, and everyone fits just fine. One day there will be just as many members in Argentina as there are in Utah. I don`t know if that day will be while i`m here or even in my life time but i`m so excited for that day!

First Mary and Jordan: Mary is pregnant!!!!!! And the funny thing is she tells us this the week after we taught the law of Chastity hahah Mary and Jordan aren`t married but have 2 kids together and have lived together for like 15 years. We`re hoping to use this new baby as leverage to get them to get married and get Jordan to stop drinking. haha that might come across wrong but we gotta use our resources to motivate them haha
Jose: Smoking a little less every day and he absolutely loves prophets! We gave him a Liahona that had all the conference talks in it and asked him to read one specific talk to help him. We came back and he had read half the magazine and loved it! 
Juan: At this point with Juan we don`t really know what to do. After he went all Evangelico on us and called out our district leader to repent we`re kinda at a stand still. We invited him to come to the Stake conference and he said yes! At the end we had him meet our mission president and talk to him. This is basically our last resort. haha  He didn`t talk much on the bus ride home but hopefully talking to Pres Goates helped a little. 

So first, I found a scripture that was very enlightening in my situation right now. Proverbs 28:25 ¨He that putteth his trust in the Lord will be made fat¨ It`s pretty self explanatory. 
  On Monday when we were playing soccer I broke my investigators finger!! Ahhh I felt so bad. She was playing goalie and I kicked the ball and it brushed her finger and idk just bent it wrong and it broke! I felt so bad! But in my defense she`s 20 years old and before she said she wanted to see the soccer skills of a gringa ... karma. haha I made her brownies and we`re all good :)
   During our exchanges I was knocking doors and we came across a lady that is quite unusual. We didn`t even have time to introduce ourselves when she walked out, she just started talking and talking and talking for 15 mins before we told her we were missionaries! She then said we needed to do some exercises for our eyes. It took my whole soul not to bust up laughing!  We we`re outside her house for 40 mins and we maybe got in 6 sentences haha

Alma 5. The whole chapter is the best!!! But to concentrate on one verse Alma 5:14 ¨Have ye been spiritually born of God? Have you received his image in your countenances? Have you experienced a mighty change in your heart?¨ The whole chapter is absolutely amazing and very humbling. It really makes you evaluate if you`re living as a disciple of Christ. Please go read it! It’s the best :) When I read it I recognized a lot of things I can work on -  In the mission and as a person. None of us are perfect and that`s the beauty of life. But to live a perfect life is to live a life of perfect repentance!
¨Someday .. I`ll be perfect. Because of him¨-Elder Johnson

les quiero mucho
hermana smoot

ps sorry for the lack of pictures! My camera won`t connect to this computer. I'll send them next week :)

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