Thursday, July 7, 2016

Week 14

buen dia amigos :) 

People people people.The first milagro (miracle)of the week is I HAD MY FIRST HOT SHOWER IN 9 WEEKS!!!!!!!! oh my gosh it was hands down the best feeling in the whole wide world and for the rest of my life I will never take hot water for granted! NEVER. Right now we have an apartment that is totally functioning. Gas, a kitchen, hot water, a washer, everything. I feel like I´m royalty right now! haha 
We found another giant spider in the kitchen this week. We spent 30 mins trying to kill it. It's always an adventure when we find an unexpected guest in our apartment. 

Jose: Jose is slowing stopping to smoke and I´m so stinking happy! In this past week he’s down 6 cigarettes a day! wahooooo 
Jordan y Mary y Familia: We committed Jordan and the girlfriend of his son to a baptismal date, but it´s way far away because we have to get Jordan to stop drinking and smoking. Haha but he´s pumped to change. He really likes our messages and the gospel!
Juan: okay wow. This week Juan is literally miracle after miracle! Last week he committed to a baptismal date after 5 months of investigating the church. He´s been ready for a long time but the one thing holding him back is his mom and family. He doesn´t have a wife or kids so his siblings and his mom is all he has. After he committed to the date he went to go tell his family about his decision and they freaked out! They had an intervention with him with all of his friends from church and his pastor. They were ripping on the church and Joseph Smith and Juan defend the church and bore his testimony! Heck ya! He told us he still wanted to get baptized! He said he knows the church is true and he wouldn´t give that up for anything. The next day his mom said if he got baptized he would get kicked out of his house (the house he lives in is owned by his mom) This decision was really hard. Then on Friday he came home after work and his family had taken all of his clothes and put them in the street in front of the house. If he attended church on Sunday was the real test. And he was in all 3 hours of church! Talk about a modern day pioneer! Just has incredible faith and is such an amazing example! Right now he has his baptismal date for this Saturday, but we´ll see what happens .... 

We had a crazy experience on Friday! We were walking home for lunch and this man in a truck stopped in front of us and told us how he really respects what we´re doing and wants us to come and teach him in his home. Ahhhh WHAT? Since when do people stop us in the street and ask to be taught? Haha okay awesome!

So I got proposed to this week so I will be staying in Argentina after my mission and having little latino babies. Chau :) haha just kidding! But seriously I got proposed to and it was really weird because at first I didn´t understand what was going on. But even better it´s my investigator Juan that proposed. I tried to explain that the mission is a time when all my thoughts and feelings are focused on the gospel and that after the mission I have a life and school and work in the states. He then asked how much time I needed to complete school and work and move to Argentina! hahahaha  I guess you could say I have the light of Christ ;)

Alma 26:15
My favorite phrase in this scripture is ¨encircled about with the matchless bounty of his love¨ God has this ¨matchless love¨for all of us and he helps in absolutely ever aspect of our lives! He answers the simplest of prayers and knows exactly how we feel in every moment! And I am blessed beyond belief to have his help and his spirit with me in the work. Without the Spirit or the help of our Heavenly Father we can´t accomplish anything. (In the mission and in life)  If we want our works to have eternal worth, all of our actions need to be done through Christ. 
¨For tomorrow the Lord will work wonders among us¨ - Elder Holland    

Hermana Smoot 

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