Thursday, July 7, 2016

Week 18

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! I´m decked out in red white and blue today to show off my gringo pride haha there´s a chance I might get shot but hey, at least I´m dying with patriotism and the Lord’s name on my chest! haha But this week also is Independence day for Argentina so my patriotism is at an all time high. haha

 So it´s freaking cold. Who knew that Argentina ever got cold? Right now we´re at an average of 35-30 degrees a day. And since we don´t have many investigators, we are outside knocking doors most of the day. It´s not to bad, but the worst is when it starts raining! Oh that´s miserable.  But we have ways to make it fun :) 
This week we went to San Luis for our Zone meeting and about half of the zone is new! Every companionship in the zone had a change except for 1. It´s awesome for me because I absolutely love meeting new people! Lot´s of new friends :)
This past Thursday we did service for one of our investigators. ON HER FARM. We worked for 4 hours feeding and cleaning the stalls of pigs, chickens, sheep and horses. It was so much fun! Hna Sanchez had never seen sheep in real life before and she was so excited. It was disgusting but every time we have weird or hard experiences I´m just really excited to tell my kids about it one day! 
This week one of our less actives made us lunch and oh my gosh this women could cook for the president! It was the best food ever! Until I found a hair in my food. But it wasn´t a human hair. It´s normal to find human hair in your food here. You just take it out and move on with life. But no. This hair was attached to the meat. I couldn´t just stop eating, so I ate it and it just tickled my tongue a little bit. That´s the difference from the States and Argentina. In the states if you find hair of any kind in your food, you ask for a new plate and sue. In Argentina you just take it out and keep eating. And if it´s attached to something, you just pray it´s not alive or a head. And most likely whatever it is, you eat that too. haha Welcome to my life here ;)

Jose attended church again this week and I was so happy!!! (again) haha but he´s been stuck at 16-15 cigarettes a day for about 3 weeks and we´ve been trying everything to help him. A blessing, calling him 3 times a day, and tons of other little tricks. Super frustrating but I know he can do it! 
Juan. This week we had a lesson with Juan just to see what to do. We talked about the priesthood and the Restoration and he knows it all. It´s just the lack of motivation to act. So we won´t be teaching him anymore. He doesn´t want to get baptized right now. So when he does want to act, he knows where the church is. 
Nicole and Abigail: Our little chicas went to church by themselves and were there early!!! Oh my gosh how awesome is that!! They are progressing so much! 

We had a lesson with one of our investigators and her husband decided to listen to the lesson with us. This couple is 70 years old or more. And during the lesson the old man looked at Hna Sanchez and started saying some random stuff and then said ¨Te Amo¨(i love you) and we both just looked at each other and tried not to lose it in the lesson! It was so uncomfortable but so funny!
  Usually when I don´t understand what people say I just smile and say ¨oh que bueno¨ (oh that´s great). We were talking to one of the kids of our less actives and she said her cousin died. I didn´t understand so I just smiled and said ¨Que bueno¨haha Hna Sanchez looked at me and said. ¨hermana, her cousin DIED¨ oh my so embarrassing!!! But we laughed about it later!
  While we were knocking doors there was a sign on one door that literally said, ¨If you´re a Mormon, please don´t knock our door”  haha 

So today I just have one amazing quote! 
¨Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunities, trials become triumphs, and adversity becomes an adventure in the service of the Lord¨
-M Russell Ballard

This week has been really hard with not many lessons or progression. But when I read this quote I had a ton of peace! As long as we´re sharing our testimony we´re fulfilling our purpose! 

les quiero much
hermana smoot

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