Friday, March 17, 2017

Mar. 6: Kisses and changes

Me and my new American companion Hermana Evans

This week i got a new companion that i love!!! Her name is Hna Evans and she´s from Payson, Utah and we haven´t stopped laughing since she got here! But we we´re laughing even harder when on her first night we were knocking doors and started talking to an old man that was watering his dirt. (I´m not kidding. watering his dirt. that´s a thing here and i still don´t know why) He´s was kinda weird and then it just got real weird when he looked at my plaque and said slowly ¨Hermana Smoot ..... Jesus Christ! ahhh Just let me give Jesus a little kiss¨ AND THEN THIS CREEPY OLD MAN KISSED MY PLAQUE!!!!!! honestly in the moment i didn´t realize what was going on, and when we walked away Hna Evans and I looked at each other and just started laughing so hard!!!! I cannot believe that happened!!! ya that was definitely an experience i´m not gonna forget...
This week for our ward family home evening we did a movie night and watched meet the Mormons. We had so many members bring their nonmember friends!! I was especially proud when most of the people that brought friends were the youth! What little missionaries! From these people that came we got to know 2 sisters named Luciana and Sofia. They had a lot of questions but when we explained the Plan of Salvation and Luciana (18 years old) told us all about the problems she´s been having and that she´s suicidal ...... uh ya. but she´s been praying and feels so much better! They even came to the youth activity on Saturday and watched the face to face devotional with Pres Eyring and Elder Holland!!! 
We´ve been working with this one less active couple, The Arrojo family. He used to be in the bishopric and now he´s inactive and smokes and drinks. This past Friday we talked to him very bluntly about the Word of Wisdom and i have never walked out of a lesson so heart broken. He admitted to us that he´s knows he´s doing stuff that´s breaking the commandments and that he needs to stop, so we told him we´re gonna set a date as a goal for him to stop and he said ¨no no no no i don´t want a commitment¨ We explained how it´s a commitment to God not to us. They have goals to go to the temple and the wife is suffering because she is seeing how this is effecting him and her and their salvation. We talked about that with the knowledge he has and with the errors he´s committing it´s one of the worst things he can do because he´s not acting on the knowledge. He said he wants to stop but he´s not gonna do anything about it.  ahhhhhhh i just wanna slap some sense into him!!! 

This week i was reading the story about Moses and the people of Israel in Numbers 21:5-9. Those people we´re given the easiest way to be healed, just to look at a snake on a stick, but they we´re so stubborn they wouldn´t do it! God gives us the easiest way to follow him and to keep his commandments, and if we just look we can be healed in EVERY aspect!!!! Are you going to act all look? 

i love love love you all!!!!!!
con todo mi corazon y amor de Argentina❤❤❤
Hermana Smoot

My convert Joana that I had not seen since July - I ran into her while getting ice cream.  So happy I almost started crying.

Me and Hermana Evan and Luciana and Fernanda at the baptism

I can make American food now that I have an American companion !

The San Martin Zone - the sisters are always outnumbered!  

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