Thursday, February 23, 2017

Feb 20 : Disappointments and Hope

SOOOO - Kylie’s emails keep getting shorter and shorter.  I think that means she gets busier and busier.  I’m putting a few of her last few email’s together here. She is in a new area where she says I`m just gonna start by saying that this area is very very complicated in every way haha But little by little we`re progressing and able to find the chosen children of God! When I got here we had investigators that hadn`t been taught in 2 months (that`s not okay) so first and for most I said that we had to visit every investigator that they had and basically see if they wanted to progress or no. In this process we`ve dropped a good 15 people in the last week and we`re searching and searching to find new people to teach.”

So she has her work cut out for her.  ALSO SHE HAS TO WEAR PANTS - her mission president gave them the choice to start wearing long skirts or pants.  Every sister choose long skirts.  For whatever reason the mission president come out a month ago and said all the sisters HAVE to wear pants unless they are at church or a meeting so Kylie says she is being obedient ……


Her letter this week:

 WOW this week I hit 1 year in the mission and it is so weird!!! ahhh to think that just a year ago I started and that in 6 months I`ll be at home .... 😬 WHAT???? i`m not gonna think about it haha But this week was prettty interesting. We had a baptism planned for this last Saturday and our investigador disappeared into thin air. He doesn`t answer our calls, didn`t come to the lessons that we had planned with him sooooo that kinda sucked and we`re kinda lost what to do with the kid cause we don`t know where he is ... ya darn. 

Thursday night we had a dessert cookoff and it went so well!!! almost all the members came and we had less actives and investigadors be the judges. There was music and everything and they all loved it! We had prizes for everyone that participaded and they all loved it! One of our members Hna Alonso, all of her kids are inactive but some of her kids and grandkids came to the activity and she was so so soooooo happy!!! 
We also went and visited our mission leader and he`s a baker and bakes thousands of loaves of bread from his house every day from machines that are like 60 years old!!! we helped him make bread for 3 hours for service and it was so much fun!! 

Sunday we taught the primary and it was so stinkin cute! i loved teching them! sunday night we went to visit a less active named Mirta. We were sitting there talking and she pulled out a turtle!!! heck ya!!! i`ve never seen anyone in argentina have a pet turtle before! So obvisouly i took a picture of the cute guy, and then he peed on me .... ya i don`t think he likes me to much .... 

sorry there`s not much to say this week haha there was a lot of meeting and my companion was sick :( 
i love you all so much and hope you have a good week :) 

sending love from argentina!
Hermana Smoot

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