Friday, September 30, 2016

September 26: Good and Tired

This week we have interviews with Pres. Goates and it went really well. At the end Hna. Goates shared a video about Joseph Smith and it was amazing! Really the sacrifice he went through was unbearable and he was really a man called by God and prepared before this life for his mission here on earth. What an amazing example!

We had an opportunity to do some service this week with the ¨Helping Hands¨ program with the church! We went and painted a hospital and it was so much fun! There were so many people and so many missionaries too :) LOVED IT! Oh and if anyone needs a cheap paint job, hit me up, 261-34-6091 and we can work something out. Call soon because I`m already scheduling for 11 months out ;) ha ha

Another Capilla Abierta!!!! wahoooooo But this one was 2 hours away in car.

 We drove down with some members and we got to drive through the mountains and it was GORGEOUS!!! I thought I loved the mountains before the mission but now, ahhhh! The mountains here are HUGE!!! those mountains in Utah are little babies compared to this bad boys! We even found this amazing lake and stopped to take some pictures. Argentina is so pretty! ah I wouldn`t change missions even if someone paid me! I`m so lucky to be in the prettiest place in the world with the best and kindest people, preaching the restored gospel :) what a blessing!

First we have Carina and her family. Carina was the one where her father died and she found a number on the Internet of the church and called us! She is progressing so well and we ave a baptismal date for her Oct 8 and we`ve also committed her son and her granddaughter committed to the 15th! ah their a family that is really ready for the gospel! They come to church every week and go to all the activities and are keeping all the commitments! 
We have another investigator that is so special, Elizabeth. She is amazing! her husband is a less active but she reads the book of Mormon every day! They live all the gospel standards and come to church every week. We call her a ¨dry mormon¨ because the only the she`s lacking is getting baptized. The only thing that`s holding her back is that she needs to get married (like half of Argentina and half of our investigators) 
Because we`re coming up on General Conference we`ve been visiting a ton of less actives and inviting literally EVERYONE to come! ah we`ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off! We are so tired but, we can rest when we`re dead ha ha or once we go home. 

but kinda gross ..... 
We were in the house of a less active having lunch and they had just gotten a new puppy! so we were playing with it and having so much fun! We walked away for 2 seconds to help the hermana get the food ready and the dog pooped! (that`s not the worst part) then the puppy started to eat his poop.  ya my companion ran into the other room gagging! It was hands down one of the grossest things I`ve seen.

Success comes from obedience. 
D&C 82:10 (Grandpa Smoots favorite scripture) 
I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise
1 Nephi 3:7

¡le quiero muchísimo!
Hermana Smoot

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