Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 5 : Cockroaches and cold weather

This week we had Zone Conference which was so much fun! Because our zone is so small we had the conference with 2 other zone. There was about 70 elders and 4 hermanas hahaha but it really was an amazing conference, I learned a lot and there`s a lot of things that Hna Brown and I have already started applying in our teaching and it`s helped so much! I LOVE INSPIRED LEADERS!!! 
We did a service project this week with the Supulvera family (who are our favorites) and afterward we made asado. You people don`t understand how good this meat is. I promise you that in the Celestial Kingdom they eat asado. Without a doubt. And Hna Brown and I cooked it ourselves :) you could say we`re pretty experienced haha. 
There is a new program that is touring around South America called ¨Capilla Abierta¨ it`s like an open house in the church run by the missionaries and the members to let people in their area know more about the church and what we believe in. Right now the Supulvera family (the ones we did service for that are our favorites) are in charge of all of the ¨Capilla Abiertas¨ in 2 provinces so it`s a lot of work. They`re doing lots of trainings right now. This past week they asked us to come help them with one of the trainings and it was amazing! I am beyond excited for this program!
On the left is Elder and Hermana Norton. They are in charge of all the ¨Capilla Abiertas¨ in South and Central America. On the left is the Supulveras :) my favorites!    

This week it has been freezing!!! I don`t know why but it stinks. Yesterday we we`re knocking doors all day long. It was a little miserable. But it`s kinda funny to hear the excuses people will give you because they don`t want to listen. One lady said ¨It`s cold so i can`t listen to you¨ and then slammed the door in our faces. I was just in awe about how stupid her excuse was. haha since when does the temperature outside effect your hearing???
We had a random family show up in our ward yesterday that weren`t members!! The dad had listened to the missionaries before but didn`t get baptized but remembered where the church was. ahhhhh how cool is that! We`re pretty excited to teach them :)
It`s amazing how some people live here. We visited a new investigator Cristina. She has a lot of health problems and has a special needs daughter. When we walked into her house to share a lesson with her, she was getting her daughter ready for school so we offered to do some cleaning. We walked into the kitchen and there were cockroaches EVERYWHERE. There were things rotting and other gross things that I can`t even describe. My heart just broke. I felt so bad. But she loved the lesson and was really excited that we gave her a Book of Mormon! We want to do a service project with her and get the youth to just come and do a deep clean for her one Saturday. Ah but she`s awesome! i`m really excited to keep teaching her.

D&C 112:10
Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers

with all the love in my heart
con todo el amor en mi corazon
Hermana Smoot

This is the ¨San Luis crew¨haha 2 transfers ago we were all in the same zone and now were all together again in Mendoza!! haha Elder Ponte from Peru, Hna Brown, Me, Elder Molis, and Elder Bravo    

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