Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 1, 2016

Sooooooo I got special transferred again :)  I´m not a bad missionary i promise! One of the hermanas in the mission had to go home because of anxiety so her companion needed a new companion. So the first people they call is the trio! haha Tuesday morning they called and said I needed to be in my new area by the afternoon so it all happened super fast. My new companion is Hna Brown from Dallas Texas and our area is Mendoza Centro. Literally the center of Mendoza. So we have a billion tourists and so many cars and big buildings and it's the complete opposite of Justo Daract and it´s throwing me for a loop! But I love it!! Hna Brown is so much fun and such a hard worker. The area is super nice because we have a ton of people. It makes for great opportunities to talk to people in the street, but then again, because we´re in a richer area more people reject us. But for every 5 people that reject us, 1 person listens :) This area has a ton of potential .... once we find the people. haha But the ward is awesome and we eat lunch with members everyday. So I´m really getting a feel for Argentina food ;) I´ll be here for the whole next transfer (hopefully) haha 
This is Hermana Brown

Emanuel is a 25 year old college student that loves to learn and read! heck ya! We´ve got something for him to read and learn about haha He´s progressing really well. We found him sitting in a park and taught him the first lesson about the Restoration and when we visited him yesterday he had read it all and taken notes on what he understood and wrote down questions he had when he read!!! Freak - I don´t even study that well!!! We´ve just gotta work with him a little more about the apostasy and prophets, but he has huge potential! 
Claus is in his early 30s and is a radiologist. The only time we´ve visited since I´ve been here was crazy! We asked him what he remembered about the last lesson and he basically taught us the whole plan of salvation perfectly and then we asked if he had any questions and he said ¨what chapter should I read next?¨ Wow. just wow. he´s golden. 
We´ve been doing a lot with our less actives and trying to get them to come to church. It´s crazy to see these people with fantastic testimonies not going to church and not receiving all the blessings they could be. It´s sad. But that´s why we´re here :)
Okay EVERYONE here knows English!! Like we´ve taught 3 lessons this week in English and the people understand and have a full on conversation with us! It´s nuts! Sometimes it´s really weird cause it´s now a habit to talk and pray and teach in Spanish, so even when I do talk in English, some of the words and ideas come out in Spanish. It´s super weird but I like it :)

Okay I had the coolest experience this week!!! So it was one of my first days here and we went and had lunch with one of our members. While we were waiting for the food we were getting to know each other and the father said ¨Smoot ... Like Mary Ellen Smoot. The former relief society president¨ I said ¨ya that´s my grandma!¨ and then his mom started freaking out ¨HERMANA SMOOT WAS HERE 20 YEARS AGO!!¨ haha what? They pulled out pictures and everything! My grandma and grandpa Smoot had sat in that same house with these same members almost 20 years ago, and now I´m serving here in their ward 20 years later.
This is the picture of my grandparents!!!! left to right: Someone traveling with Grandma, Hna Nacarrato, Grandma Smoot, Hno Nacarrato that works in our stake presidency, bishop Nacarrato that´s our bishop, and Grandpa Smoot :) 
The hermana was the relief society president at the time and every year after she sent my grandma her Christmas card and every year my grandma sent a letter back. I was so taken back by this experience! I'm still just in awe that the Lord has placed me in this ward with these people so I could have that experience. I am so beyond blessed words can´t even describe it! 

This is Hna Nacarrato right now!  
Another crazy experience this week. So on Friday we were crazy busy! like we were literally running to and from appointments! It got to the end of the day and we were running to our apartment so we wouldn´t be late! We got to the door of our apartment building and Hna Brown couldn´t find the keys in her bag. She was the one that had locked the door and kept the keys for the day so we knew that she had had them. We both started freaking out and on the side walk completely emptied both of our bags and could not find our keys! One of our neighbors let us in the building but we still didn´t have the key for our room or the key to the church. We finally accepted that there´s a good chance that they fell out of her pocket while we were running through the center of Mendoza. We we´re so scared to call the office elders cause we knew they would be mad. So we prayed first as one last resort. And before we called hna Brown said ¨Hna Smoot. Check your bag one more time.¨ All I did was open my bag and the keys were sitting on the top of my scriptures. What an answer to our prayers. The power of prayer is INCREDIBLE! Use the power of prayer every day! It's amazing and I promise that your Heavenly Father is listening to every word!!

Helaman 5: 8 
¨and now my sons, behold i have somewhat more to desire of you which desire is, that ye may not do these things that ye may boast, but that ye may do these things to lay up for yourselves a treasure in heaven yea which is eternal, and which fadeth not away; yea, that ye may have that precious gift of eternal life, which we have reason to suppose hath been given to our fathers.¨
always always always make sure your actions are helping you progress towards your Heavenly Father. 

i love you all and you´re always in my prayers :)
les quiero muchisimo
Hermana Smoot

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