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Aug 22 : 6 Months and Unicorns

 This past Wednesday I hit 6 months!!! wahooo so weird and I feel old but that I have so much more time. Ah time is so weird. But we had a party because I hit 6 months on Wednesday and my companion hit 9 months on Thursday so our members fed us really well and it was just like a 2 day party! 

On Sunday night we had a family history get together and we helped a ton of our members and recent converts start and do their family history. It was so cool to see some of them just starting this new line of genealogy. They asked to see my family tree and when I logged on and could go back for hundreds and hundreds of years on both sides they were all in awe. Before the mission I always took that for granted. But seeing how that motivated the members here and how they just want to have that history to show their kids and to have the pride to know where they came from. SO COOL!!!
Our Family History Party

 This past Tuesday I taught a piano lesson :)  One of our recent converts wanted to learn how to play so I started teaching her little by little. Our lessons are every Tuesday morning and she just wants to know how to plunk out easy hymns. So before the lesson I have to go through and write out the melody on a separate sheet of paper and I`m teaching her how to read music. It`s kind of funny because to me this is so easy but for her it`s something totally new. But she has the drive to learn and I`m really excited for her! :) 
These past couple weeks have been really hard on me emotionally. So last week I asked our president of the mission, Pres. Goates, to give me a blessing. When I met with him we talked for an hour and a half about the mission and my desires and what I want to accomplish as a missionary and in life. When he gave me the blessing it helped me so much. The power of the priesthood is something incredible. It really is the power of our Heavenly Father.

We`ve had a couple miracles this week. First is Nicolas. We were walking down the street and just like every missionary, saying hi to everyone. We passed by him and said hi and didn`t think anything of it. He then turned around and stopped us and asked what church we were from. We introduced ourselves and talked a little bit about what we teach and what we believe in. He said he was going through a really hard time and had prayed that morning for a sign of what he should do in his life. So with that we set an appointment for the next day. The next day we took him on a tour of the chapel and taught him about the Restoration and he loved it! When we had our second lesson he had read the pamphlet, the introduction to the book of Mormon and all of the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses and Joseph Smith! In our second lesson he said he was living with his friend at the moment but his friend was kicking him out and he didn`t have anywhere to live and doesn`t have a job. After the lesson we took him to meet with the counselor of the church that helps people find jobs and luckily our stake president was there too. So he filled out applications and everything. After all that we invited him to come with us to a baptism just 30mins away and he accepted! And he loved that too!! but when he left the baptism he had to go stay at another friends house that lives almost an hour and a half away. So  that kinda complicates things a little bit. But Hna Brown and I have come to the conclusion that if we have to drop him and send his contacts to other missionaries, we`re just glad that we could help him just this little bit and introduce him to the gospel. 

Our other miracle is Silvia. We were our knocking doors and she answered and warmly welcomed us into her home! WHAT? How strange. She told us that she had just moved to Mendoza and where she had lived before was across the street of an LDS chapel. One day she had gotten curious and walked over and asked them for ¨their bible¨ and they gave her a Book of Mormon and called the missionaries! Turns our that my last companion (Hna Sanchez) had taught Silvia for 2 months before she moved! Silvia has read the pamphlet about the Restoration every night for 4 months and loves it!  We call her ¨Our reference from the Lord¨ :) 
We have another investigator named Justo. He`s a rock. He`s a father of 3 and loves his kids! This week he attended church and we were so excited!!! it`s the first time we`ve had an investigator attend church in 3 months in this ward!  little by little we`re progressing!

It says unicorns in the Bible. Isaiah 34:7. ¨and the unicorns shall come down with them¨ If it says it in the bible. it`s true. 

someone this week thought we we`re from Brazil and thought our accent was Portuguese. hahahahahahaha 

I LOVE THE MISSION!!!! Just in these short 6 months my testimony has grown like crazy about missionary work. I know that the mission work is the work of the Lord. That only through the work we can help bring so many people unto Christ. Moroni 7:29-31

Brother and Sister Warner going home.  They were like mission parents.

Missionaries at a baptism

I found Elder Richey

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