Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nov. 21 : Half way done and the earth shook!

ya hands down the weirdest feeling. there`s a tradition with sister missionaries that once you hit 9 months you have to take a pregnant picture haha

To address the Argentina earthquakes. Yes we've been having a couple earthquakes lately. nothing to big and it`s not doing any damage just a little shaking. The biggest one was yesterday and we were walking in the street and all day it had been super cold and really windy. We heard the windows shake of the house we were walking by but didn`t really think it was anything. Then a guy ran outside and asked if we felt the earthquake and if we were okay. uh we were a little confused haha but we turned it into an opportunity to share the gospel ;) 
This past week we had another capilla abierta that went really well. :) But this week we`re getting ready for one in our chapel so it`s gonna be a really busy week. 
We also did some service this week painting the gates for one of our members! We made a huge stake for lunch because it was the day i hit 9 months! So much fun!!

We have this new investigator named Eliana and she`s awesome! her friend gave her a book of Mormon and just came home. She`s reading everything we assign for her and she says it all makes sense, it`s just hard to believe it. So we`re really trying to focus on the praying aspect.
This Christmas season the church has a program called ¨25 ways. 25 days¨ to help us spread the light of Christ to everyone for the 25 days leading up to Christmas! It`s one amazing program!!! I really hope you will all take this chance and us it! Everyday from the 1st of December to the 25th you have 1 thing of service to do everyday. please oh please do it!!!! I promise that it will make this Christmas more special!
sorry i didn`t write much this week. 
but i still love you all!
Hermana Smoot

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