Monday, March 14, 2016

Semana Numero 2

So the days are just blurring together at this point and I really couldn't tell you about much that we did, cause we do the same thing every day! haha But this week flew by!! At this pace I'll be home in no time :)

I'm am seeing more and more people I know here everyday and it's nuts! Sister Holly Hartel that went to my high school moved in last week to the room 2 doors down and her companion is a girl that sat next to me in one of my classes at BYUI! What a small world! 

Oh and I've heard about some mission calls that people have gotten!! Congrats to Carolyn Hammon who's going to Tailand Bangkok! Hunter Smith going to South Africa! Keith Saylin who got called to Micronesia Guam!! Ah that's awesome! you guys will love it! Best decision ever to serve a mission :)

Guys I promise you that the gift of tongues is real! If you as a missionary prepare to the best of your ability your lesson and your spanish and the spirit is present and your investigator is willing to do the work and learn, the language will not be a barrier. I'm still struggling and its frustrating because I'm a slow learner, and I'm constantly comparing myself to the other missionaries, but with the Lords help, ANYTHING is possible. 

Both of the devotionals were amazing this week! on Sunday we had Elder Stephen Allen speak. He's the managing director of the missionary department and his emphasis was "Teach repentance, baptize converts". LOVE THAT! Then every sunday night they have re plays of talks given either at the mtc or general conference. If you can I 100% suggest watching Elder David A Bedner "Character of Christ" and/or Elder Jeffery R Holland "Missions are Forever". They are both very powerful and moving talks that I absolutely loved! On Tuesday nights devotional we had Elder Brent H. Neilsen of the 70 and his wife talk to us! They both had a common thread that really stuck out to me. Don't be lazy. I'm here on the Lords time, being HIS hands, talking to HIS children, bringing them unto HIM. Sister Neilsen shared a story about her running a marathon and said that she told herself she was never going to walk. That's what we should be doing as missionaries. Always running!!

Our investigator Sandra committed to be baptized!! woooo But this week we got 3 new investigators! All so very different and have different needs but all children of god that wanna come closer to christ! Something Hermana Holmes (my companion) and I are working on is truly figure out what our investigators need and how we can help them. In our purpose as missionaries it say "Our purpose is to INVITE other to come unto Christ by HELPING them receive the restored gospel" We're always inviting them to do something but if we're not in tune with the spirit, then how are we supposed to help them. 

I've been studying the New Testament and as I was reading in Matthew about the life of Christ. And it comes to a time when Jesus is sending his apostles to different cities to preach the gospel and this is what he says to them before they leave 10:16-20,22  It kinda shows us missionaries a preview of the reality that we're getting ourselves into. BUT if you go on and read in vs 19-20 it says "take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak 20 for it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you" As missionaries called of God I love reading scriptures like that. 

Thank you all for the kind letters and packages :) I'm praying for you all at home!
Les Queiro
Hermana Smoot

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