Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1: Short and Sick

      This week there´s really not much to tell. I´ve gotten pretty sick these past couple days which has forced us to be in the apartment a lot. The problems I´ve been having have gotten more and more serious even with the medications I´ve been taking. Tomorrow I´m going to the doctor and getting some tests done to see what it could be. We´re pretty sure it has something to do with my intestines but hopefully we can find a way to fix whatever I´ve got. But it´s all just even more of a motivation to work harder with the time when I do feel good enough to leave the apartment!

      This week with the little time we had, found a new investigator named Gabriela. She has listened to the missionaries before and her sister is an active member in the neighboring branch! We entered her house and she ran into her room and walked out with a Book of Mormon, sat down and told us that she knows the church is true and that she loves the Book of Mormon!! I about fell over dead! haha The problem is with her husband and her 2 sons. They don´t like the church and refuse that she goes. Every time we have a lesson with her it´s when no one else is home because she doesn´t want to cause problems in her family. She cried as she expressed her problems to us and told us how bad she wants to be baptized! We´re working a lot with her to help her introduce the topic of the church to her husband and maybe inviting her whole family to a church activity. She´s amazing!! We set the goal with her to read the Book of Mormon every day with a question in mind of how she can help her family come closer to the church. I´m really excited for her! We´re gonna get her baptized!

      I´m sorry this letter is so short but I love you all and I hope you have a successful week! 
hermana smoot

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