Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jan 9: A Coke drip????

This week was super fun! First we had exchanges with our sister leaders and I got to go with Hermana Starke! We ate pizza on the roof and made plans to live together at BYUI after the mission.

We were also able to go visit one of our recent converts, Susanna. She´s been in the hospital for a couple weeks and this week just left intensive care and is getting much much better. But I learned something about Argentina health care when I went and visited her. idk why but the doctors had a drip of Coke a Cola going into her blood!!!! 
WHAT THE HECK? Does that make sense to anybody? haha I  was in shock when the doctor walked in and literally opened a can of Coke and dumped it into the bag thing. haha So weird! This is her and that dark bag is the Coke drip!!

We also had our last Zone Meeting before the transfer and it was kinda sad. Our zone right now is awesome and these past couple months we´ve had some of the best numbers in the mission working together! 

Then today for PDay my companion and I went to the biggest soccer stadium in Mendoza! It was honestly so much fun and so cool! It was huge and they´ve had so many famous soccer players play in that stadium

This week we found this part member family, the Bustamante Family. The mom and dad are both returned missionaries and are sealed in the temple. But shortly after they got married they went inactive and none of their kids are members. the last time they went to church was 1994!!!!!! In the first lesson I let my companion pick what we should teach and we ended up reading Lehi´s Dream about the Tree of Life. We weren´t even 10 verses into the chapter and asked the mom to read and she was so chocked up it got hard for her to read. She had tears streaming down her face. The mom then attended church and it was fast and testimony meeting. She stayed for all 3 hours and after church we walked her home and she just cried and hugged us and said ¨Thank you for saving me! Thank you for bringing me back!¨ One of the best experiences I´ve had on the mission is meeting this woman and her family!

We had another family, the Villafane family that came to church this week! It´s a mom who is a member and grew up in the church but with time went inactive and married a nonmember. But she has 4 little girls and we´re teaching them and helping the mom remember her testimony. When they showed up to church and they were in their skirts and with smiles from ear to ear I literally couldn´t have been happier! They have a girl in the young women and the other 3 are in the primary and they all loved it and are so excited to come back the next week! They have a date to get baptized in February. 
The 3 of the Villafane girls with my companion and I

This morning I was studying different General Conference talks and I read 2 that were about how was can act on the invitation of Christ to ¨Come Follow Me¨, or ¨Walk With Me¨ or ¨Come Unto Me¨. How are we reacting to this invitation? How are we coming unto Christ? How are we showing to the world that we are disciples of him? One the the talks is ¨Yes, Lord, I Will Follow Thee¨ by Elder Gavarret in Nov 2016 and the other is ¨Come Follow Me by Practicing Christian Love and Service¨ By Elder Hales in the Oct 2016 conference. I invite you all to read them!!! 

I love you all so much and thank you for all the letters and Christmas cards I received for the holidays! 
Hermana Smoot

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